Not sure if underfloor heating is right for you?  Check out our frequently asked questions.  If these don't answer your particular query, just click below to contact us

What Floor Coverings Can I Install Over Underfloor Heating?

Many different floor coverings can be installed over underfloor heating, including tiles, wood, stone and carpet (carpet should be no thicker than 1.5 tog though)

Can Underfloor Heating Save Me Money On My Heating Bills?

Underfloor heating works at lower temperatures than traditional heating, so could potentially reduce your heating bills depending on how much you currently pay and your current system

Can Underfloor Heating Increase My Homes Value?

Potentially.  Underfloor heating is often viewed as a luxury product, so this can often increase your homes value

Can Underfloor Heating Work Even In A Draughty Room?

Yes!  Unlike with radiators, floors stay warm even in a draughty room, or if the windows are open, so there is less wasted heat

How Much Does It Cost To Install Underfloor Heating?

This depends on how many rooms you want to install in, whether you are installing in a new build, extension or older building and what kind of floor you have.  Factors such as which floor level you want to install on and how close the rooms are to the boiler also contribute to cost

Can I Install Underfloor Heating Myself?

It is best to have warm water underfloor heating installed professionally as the pipes will need to be laid correctly and then connected to your boiler.  Insulation and screed will also need to be installed.  Don't worry though, Niche can help, by installing for you

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